• Helen Dolan, specialist catastrophic medical negligence lawyer, recovered compensation in excess of £29million for clients with a brain injury (including cerebral palsy) in 2016
  • Hugh Potter secured a settlement figure of just under £13 million thanks to change in discount rate
  • Rachel Rees, expert personal injury lawyer, recovered over £15 million in compensation for clients with a brain injury last year


Hospital failures cause baby to die three hours after delivery
  • 21.09.2017
  • EmmaArnold
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Clinical negligence birth injury baby death maternity CTG scan
A newborn baby died after staff at a Manchester hospital 'dismissed and ignored' his mother's concerns whilst pregnant. Read the rest of this post...
NHS needs to learn from mistakes and improve reporting
  • 20.09.2017
  • EmmaArnold
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Brain Injury cerebral palsy NHS Resolution NHS mistakes compensation
Medical negligence leading to cerebral palsy and other brain injuries could be reduced if reporting was at a higher standard. A new report from NHS Resolution analysed 50 claims between 2012 and 2016 and found the number of patients born with cerebral palsy and brain injuries remained the same. Read the rest of this post...
Concussion to be diagnosed by app that records pupil changes
  • 19.09.2017
  • EmmaArnold
  • Personal Injury
  • Brain Injury diagnosis concussion pupillary light reflex smartphone app elderly fall
A new smartphone app measures the change in pupil size to identify concussion and other brain injuries. Read the rest of this post...
Guilty plea by NHS Trust over epileptic teenager's death
  • 18.09.2017
  • EmmaArnold
  • Clinical Negligence
  • medical negligence Death in hospital HSE epileptic seizure
The NHS trust where a patient drowned in a bath after an epileptic seizure has admitted guilt over his death. Connor Sparrowhawk was 18 years old when he sadly died after drowning in a bath at Slade House in Oxford in 2013. Read the rest of this post...
​Calls for antibiotic treatment of Group B Strep for women in labour
  • 14.09.2017
  • EmmaArnold
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Sepsis GBS newborn babies Infection Group B Strep meningitis pneumonia pregnancy
Hundreds of newborn babies a year in the UK catch GBS with two in every 20 infected babies developing a disability and one in every 20 sadly passing away. But, with prompt treatment, most can make a full recovery. Read the rest of this post...
People with a severe mental illness are being let down by the huge discrepancies in consultant psychiatrist numbers across the country. Read the rest of this post...
Car-dooring: time for a new approach?
  • 12.09.2017
  • HannahBottomley
  • Personal Injury, Opinion
  • cycling accident death on the road cycling personal injury
As more and more people take to Britain’s streets on bikes, campaign groups say more needs to be done to save lives following car drivers and passengers carelessly opening doors. Read the rest of this post...
Needless death of teenage forklift truck driver
  • 06.09.2017
  • RichardEdwards
  • Personal Injury
  • Personal Injury accident at work HSE forklift truck
A firm has been fined £450,000 after the "needless" death of 19 year old Ben Pallier-Singleton from Disley in Cheshire who was working as a forklift truck driver. Read the rest of this post...
Failings by ambulance services and emergency call handlers result in almost two patients dying every month, according to a review of coroners' reports. Ambulance services were contacted by coroners in England and Wales 86 times in the last four years warning them changes need to be made to prevent any more deaths. Read the rest of this post...
Women left in pain after bad reactions to material of coil implant
  • 29.08.2017
  • EmmaArnold
  • Clinical Negligence
  • hysterectomy coil implant fallopian tube side effects complications risk of surgery
A number of women have been left in pain after being fitted with a sterilisation implant used on the NHS. Some women said they were not informed about the risks of the implantation which should be common practice before any surgical procedure. Read the rest of this post...