• Helen Dolan, specialist catastrophic medical negligence lawyer, recovered compensation in excess of £29million for clients with a brain injury (including cerebral palsy) in 2016
  • Hugh Potter secured a settlement figure of just under £13 million thanks to change in discount rate
  • Rachel Rees, expert personal injury lawyer, recovered over £15 million in compensation for clients with a brain injury last year

Failure to Diagnose Claims

Potter Rees Dolan is here to help you make a successful claim for compensation if a medical professional failed to correctly diagnose an illness or condition, leading to further suffering.

Our solicitors are clinical negligence specialists with a wealth of experience in handling cases of this kind. Whether you are claiming yourself or on behalf of a loved one, we will always handle your case with the highest levels of sensitivity and care.

Recent case wins include:

Delay in diagnosing and treating brain haemorrhage - £1.2 million

Failure to diagnose eye injury leaves 15-year-old boy blind in one eye - £350,000.00

Delay in diagnosing infection caused near death experience - £120,000.00

Young mother dies leaving new born baby after delay in diagnosing brain tumour - £350,000.00

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What is a ‘failure to diagnose’?

Failure to diagnose occurs when a patient has suffered and informed their GP or hospital of worrying symptoms, but the medical professional has either given the wrong diagnosis or failed to diagnose the condition at all.

If you have suffered due to a failure to diagnose, your case will fall under one of the following categories:

  • Undiagnosed - a condition is considered undiagnosed if you visited your GP on multiple occasions and they failed to diagnose your problem.
  • Misdiagnosed - your condition is misdiagnosed if a medical professional gave you the incorrect diagnosis. For example, you were told you have cancer when in fact you do not.

The impact of a failure to diagnose an illness or condition can cause preventable complications such as extreme pain and, in some cases, death, not to mention high levels of distress.

Common failure to diagnose cases

There are certain conditions that we deal with on a regular basis, including:

  • Cauda Equina injury - loss of sensation and failure to investigate and protect the spinal cord from further damage
  • Cancer - including failure to perform a mammogram, failure to carry out biopsy, scan and/or blood tests
  • Heart conditions - failure to diagnose hypertrophic cardio-myopathy (HCN) and provide an implantable cardioverter-defibrillator (ICD), failure to diagnose Long QT syndrome
  • Meningitis - failure to perform a proper and timely physical and neurological examination, failure to perform a lumbar puncture
  • Pneumonia - failure to diagnose pneumocystis pneumonia

If you have suffered from these, or any other conditions that were not diagnosed, you could be entitled to compensation, and should therefore contact a legal expert today.

Who is eligible to make a claim?

In order to make a valid claim, your case must meet the following criteria:

  • The failure to diagnose must be deemed unacceptable by a body of medical professionals
  • You must show evidence of the emotional, physical and financial effects of the failure to diagnose

How we can help

Our solicitors are on hand to help you gain the compensation you deserve, providing you with the highest levels of support, advice and representation along the way.

We will:

  • Provide you with expert legal advice throughout the entire claim process
  • Help you calculate the amount of compensation you deserve
  • Assist you with any necessary negotiations
  • Help you settle your claim in court if necessary

Contact us today

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