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  • Helen Dolan, specialist catastrophic medical negligence lawyer, recovered compensation in excess of £29million for clients with a brain injury (including cerebral palsy) in 2016
  • Hugh Potter secured a settlement figure of just under £13 million thanks to change in discount rate
  • Rachel Rees, expert personal injury lawyer, recovered over £15 million in compensation for clients with a brain injury last year

University student awarded over £1million after being hit by car

Amy was 19 years old and studying at Manchester University when she was knocked over in 2007 suffering a brain injury.

She received a severe injury to her brain and needed to have a large part of her skull replaced. She also fractured her pelvis and left clavicle but she made a good physical recovery.

As a result of her brain injury, Amy has suffered dizziness and profound fatigue and loss of her ability to remember accurately and process information. She has damage to her vocal cords and developed epilepsy.

Amy’s personality changed after the accident. She became short-tempered, aggressive and, for quite long periods, dependent upon alcohol.

Amy was unable to complete her degree or work full time. She receives support from a case manager, a ’buddy’ and a psychologist funded by her claim for compensation which settled for over £1 million in 2014.

Hugh Potter acted for Amy and commented:

Amy was a very bright outgoing undergraduate with a real talent for languages. She had her very promising life before her. Unhappily her accident robbed her of that.

What made matters worse was that many assumed she was fine after she had recovered from her physical injuries and so dismissed her other ‘hidden’ and substantial disabilities. That she still battled so hard and made such good progress despite all of this is to her great credit.