• Potter Rees Dolan are on the Legal 500 Awards 2018 insurance shortlist for the North West
  • Helen Dolan, specialist catastrophic medical negligence lawyer, recovered compensation in excess of £29million for clients with a brain injury (including cerebral palsy) in 2016
  • Hugh Potter secured a settlement figure of just under £13 million thanks to change in discount rate
  • Rachel Rees, expert personal injury lawyer, recovered over £15 million in compensation for clients with a brain injury last year


Stroke sufferers in the UK are getting younger so 'Act FAST'
As the average age for first time stroke sufferers in the UK drops from 71 to 68 in men and 75 to 73 in women, it is important that members of the public are aware of the Act FAST campaign. Read the rest of this post...
Families wait years for compensation payouts for maternity errors
  • 17.01.2018
  • EmmaArnold
  • Clinical Negligence
  • Clinical negligence Birth Injuries cerebral palsy compensation maternity failings
New figures show how long some families have to wait years for compensation payouts for clinical negligence claims with many families waiting years for a payout after the medical error as it takes a long time to resolve complex legal cases. Read the rest of this post...
Road safety charity calls for updates to modernise zebra crossings
  • 11.01.2018
  • EmmaArnold
  • Personal Injury
  • Personal Injury road traffic accident pedestrian injured zebra crossing
Zebra crossings need updating, according to a road safety charity, as around 70 people are killed on the crossings each year. Read the rest of this post...
Boots pharmacy providing wrong medication or incorrect dosage
  • 08.01.2018
  • HannahBottomley
  • Clinical Negligence, Opinion
  • Clinical negligence pharmacy Boots mistakes dispensing error prescription medication medical mistakes
Much of the advice this cold and flu season recommends self-care for minor complaints and pharmacies for advice and help with managing severe colds and flu along with similar conditions. It is therefore of great concern that I read this BBC article following a recent investigation into Boots pharmacies that they too are becoming increasingly busy, face staffing and space problems and could be putting people’s lives at risk with dispensing errors. Read the rest of this post...
Hospital Trust apologises after baby's skull cut during caesarean
Parents of baby who died during an emergency caesarean have received an apology from the hospital Trust. Just three hours after being born, Carson Allen died following a cut to his head during his delivery. Read the rest of this post...
Amputee experiences sense of touch through bionic hand
  • 05.01.2018
  • EmmaArnold
  • Personal Injury
  • prosthetics Personal Injury amputee bionic hand
After losing her hand in an accident over 25 years ago, Almerina Mascarello recently trialed the first portable bionic hand with a sense of touch. Read the rest of this post...
Mistakes during one in every five births during the past two years
Poor maternity care led to mistakes during one in five births over the past two years. Hundreds of thousands of incidents were logged by hospital staff between April 2015 and March 2017, according to the BBC investigation. Read the rest of this post...
Both buses and trains are wheelchair accessible but not planes - why not?
  • 12.12.2017
  • HannahBottomley
  • Opinion
  • Wheelchair accessibility transport
A wonderful video showing one mum’s battle to be able to travel and go on holiday with her son by looking for solutions to enable wheelchairs to be used on aeroplanes. Read the rest of this post...
It is worth watching the Buzzfeed clip showing how eight-year-old Maeve, who has cerebral palsy, was given a voice that was her own! Speech and communication problems are very common in children and adults with cerebral palsy (CP). Since the cerebral palsy is usually caused by a trauma to the brain, the speech function is often damaged as well. Read the rest of this post...
Young girl with cerebral palsy has computerised voice personalised
  • 08.12.2017
  • EmmaArnold
  • Opinion
  • disability cerebral palsy computerised voice assistance text-to-speech
Many people with cerebral palsy have problems with their speech and some require computer assistance when communicating. Those with severe difficulties may use a text-to-speech computer which can change their lives. One family decided to create a more authentic voice for their eight-year-old daughter Maeve by heading into the studio to do some recording. Read the rest of this post...