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Cyclist ordered to pay £100,000 after collision with pedestrian

Cyclist claims he faces bankruptcy after being ordered to pay up to £100,000 in court costs after he was involved in a collision with a pedestrian back in 2015.

At the time of the incident, pedestrian Gemma Brushnett was crossing a busy road while looking at her phone, when cyclist Robert Hazeldean – travelling at around 15mph - collided with her. Hazeldean had just gone through a green light and he claims he sounded his horn to warn pedestrians of his presence. Both parties were knocked unconscious during the collision.

Judge Shanti Mauger ruled earlier this week that both Brushnett and Hazeldean were equally to blame. However, Brushnett was awarded £4,161 in damages while Hazeldean was ordered to pay the claimant’s costs bill.

Mauger went on to say: “Ms Brushett and Mr Hazeldean were equally culpable in this accident and Mr Hazeldean, for whatever reason, hasn’t made a claim and so only Ms Brushett is getting a payout.”

Central London county court heard Brushett was amongst a “throng” of people attempting to cross the road at the start of evening rush hour. She was looking at her mobile phone when crossing the road while the lights were on green for traffic, and she only noticed Hazeldean approaching on his bike at the last minute.

The judge added Hazeldean was “a calm and reasonable road user” but he was still liable to pay damages, as “Cyclists must be prepared at all times for people to behave in unexpected ways.”

In a statement issued through his legal representatives, Hazeldean stated that covering the costs and compensation will personally cost him £20,000 and will leave him bankrupt.

Hugh Potter, Senior Partner & Personal Injury Solicitor here at Potter Rees Dolan, comments:

“This case underlines the importance of cyclists having insurance cover against other road users claims.”

Hugh is a Senior Partner and Senior Solicitor within our Personal Injury Department. For almost thirty years, Hugh has acted on behalf of clients with severe brain and spinal cord injuries achieving record settlements with a reputation recognised nationally. If you would like to speak with Hugh regarding any personal injury issues, or indeed any aspect of this article, call us on 0800 027 2557 or email Hugh directly.