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Great to see young girl with cerebral palsy is given voice of her own

It is worth watching the Buzzfeed clip showing how eight-year-old Maeve, who has cerebral palsy, was given a voice that was her own!

Speech and communication problems are very common in children and adults with cerebral palsy (CP). Since the cerebral palsy is usually caused by a trauma to the brain, the speech function is often damaged as well.

Those with CP benefit from life-long speech therapy (as well as all the other therapies that are required in relation to the loss of controlled motor function).

In addition, augmentative and alternative communication systems (AACs) can give a voice to the person with CP through a machine or computer using a text source, such as a keyboard or pre-programmed answers, activated by touch or by eye contact.

Such computers can aid the cerebral palsy sufferer with severe speech disorders and can give them a larger range of communication possibilities. It is excellent to see that due to many recent technological advancements such AACs can now allow for a more personalized voice, instead of a flat robotic-like tone.

The Buzzfeed clip briefly but effectively shows how that technology works, the outcome that can be achieved and the joy of a little girl who can now communicate in her own voice.

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