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Stroke sufferers in the UK are getting younger so 'Act FAST'

As the average age for first time stroke sufferers in the UK drops from 71 to 68 in men and 75 to 73 in women, it is important that members of the public are aware of the Act FAST campaign.

The campaign encourages people to recognise the symptoms of stroke and act quickly to help patients receive the necessary treatment to save their lives and prevent disability.

Act FAST campaign - what to look for:

  • F Face - Has their face fallen on one side? Can they smile?
  • A Arms - Can they raise both their arms and keep them there?
  • S Speech - Is their speech slurred?
  • T Time - Time to call 999

Strokes occur when the blood supply to the brain is compromised or cut off and can lead to death and severe disability. Treatment in a speedy and effective manner is vital to limit the effects of the stroke on the patient and give them the best chance of making a full recovery in the future.

As campaign’s focus on the signs and symptoms of a stroke so people are better able to recognise them it is also important to make sure everyone is aware that a stroke needs to be treated as a medical emergency. This is important for members of the public as well as medical professionals.

Delays in receiving treatment for stroke can have devastating consequences for the patient as it can lead to physical and cognitive disabilities resulting in the patient not being able to walk unaided, work or perhaps even care for themselves.

Effective treatment with drugs, or in some cases surgery, can mean the difference between an almost full recovery and a patient being reliant on others for the rest of their life. It is therefore of huge importance for strokes to be identified as soon as possible.

Hannah Bottomley is a clinical negligence solicitor here at Potter Rees Dolan. Should you have any queries about clinical negligence issues or indeed any other aspect of this article and wish to speak to Hannah or any other member of the team please contact us on 0161 237 5888 or email Hannah directly.