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Survey reveals drivers are using smartphones when driving

  • Aug 2, 2016
  • EmmaArnold

A new survey has found almost half of drivers aged 25-34 use apps on their smartphone while they are driving.

Brake, the road safety charity, teamed up with Direct Line to ask drivers of this age group whether they use their mobile phones while driving which is illegal.

More than half of those questioned also admitted they had sent or read a text message on their mobile whilst behind the wheel in the last year with four out of 10 doing this once a week.

Hugh Potter, Partner and Head of Personal Injury, said:

If cars can be made to park themselves, why can’t they block use of phones unless entirely hands free?

As interacting with a mobile phone to send a text or use an app means the driver's mind, hands and eyes are off the road, it is therefore more distracting than talking on the phone.

Statistics show an estimated 22% of crashes could have been caused by driver distraction after a study video showed people are not able to divide their attention without their driving performance deteriorating.

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