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MPs debate acquired brain injury in Parliament
  • 14.02.2020
  • JessicaMG
  • Clinical Negligence, Personal Injury, Court Of Protection
  • Brain Injury Stroke Headway Acquired Brain Injury traumatic brain injury brain trauma Parliament MPs debate Carbon monoxide poisoning Cycle helmets Hospital car parking Sports related injuries heading in football
On Thursday last week (6th February 2020) MPs debated acquired brain injury in Parliament. ​ Read the rest of this post...
Singing from the same song sheet: Resolving conflicts inherent in pre-litigated brain injury rehabilitation
Last week, we held a joint training seminar with AKA Case Management to explore in detail the various conflicts that can, and inevitably do, arise between the litigation, financial considerations and rehabilitation/therapy needs when working with challenging clients and their families, and to explore whether the professional parties are really on the same side. Is there a way to stop such conflicts arising? Or are the conflicts themselves an essential part of our roles in delivering rehabilitation to our shared clients? Read on for more... Read the rest of this post...
Trailblazer: Laura's Story
  • 12.12.2019
  • JessicaMG
  • Court Of Protection
  • Spinal cord injury Paralysis spinal injury court of protection scoliosis negilgent surgery Trailblazer Wheelchair Adventure Race Back Up Able2Adventure
Here we shine a spotlight on a very inspiring young lady, Laura May. Laura, who was diagnosed with scoliosis at 10 years old, suffered a spinal cord injury during an operation to correct her spine which left her paralysed. A keen enthusiast of the outdoors, Laura and her colleagues have recently launched 'Trailblazer: The Wheelchair Adventure Race'. Read all about Laura's story here... Read the rest of this post...
Wheelchairs and unsolicited touching: Help or hindrance?
​A recent news article featured on the BBC’s Ouch section told the story of Bronwyn Berg, a wheelchair user who became so fed-up with people manhandling her without asking, she put spikes on her wheelchair. We decided to speak to a number of our clients who are wheelchair users and find out about their experiences with strangers and their unwanted ‘manhandling’… Read the rest of this post...
​As of today, the government is expanding the blue badge scheme to include a variety of invisible or hidden illnesses. This means that thousands more individuals will be able to register for a blue badge, which will give them access to disabled parking spots all around the UK. Read the rest of this post...
A Guide to Obtaining Medical Records Under the GDPR
There are a number of circumstances under which an individual might require a copy of their medical records, whether to flag up an inaccuracy or to gather evidence to support a legal claim. However, many people are unclear on how to obtain these medical records - particularly since the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which significantly changed the way the process works. As such, Potter Rees Dolan has partnered with the Birth Trauma Association to put together this comprehensive guide to getting hold of medical records under GDPR, which should help you to obtain the information you require as efficiently as possible. Read the rest of this post...
Potter Rees Dolan goes from strength to strength
We are thrilled to announce the promotion of four of our senior solicitors to Partnership! The promotions come at a particularly exciting time for the firm as we have also recently acquired new office space to cope with an expanding Clinical Negligence department. Read the rest of this post...
Brain injury survivor publishes book on his experiences
A man who suffered a severe brain injury following a road traffic accident in 2001 has gone on to travel the world and has now published a book on his experiences. Our Ruth Wright, Partner & Head of Court of Protection, comments here... Read the rest of this post...
Landmark ruling: Vulnerable man ‘lacks capacity to use the internet’
​In an unparalleled case, a judge has intervened to prevent a man from sharing naked pictures of himself on the internet, after ruling that the man does not understand his actions. Read the rest of this post...
Potter Rees Dolan secure £114 million in damages in twelve months
We are delighted to announce that between February 2018 and February 2019, we secured a total of £114 million in damages for our seriously injured clients. Read the rest of this post...

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