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It is important to know what to do after a motorcycle accident, as it can happen in the blink of an eye. Take a look at our checklist from Potter Rees Dolan. Read the rest of this post...
Arm-strengthening device in development for children with cerebral palsy
A research team have been awarded a grant worth over £800,000 to develop a device to help children with cerebral palsy gain strength and the use of their arms. Read the rest of this post...
Reduced speed limits to be trialed on UK country roads
A small village is set to trial 20 and 30mph speed limits on country roads which currently allow traffic at 60mph. Read the rest of this post...
Concerning increase in stillbirth rates for a further year running
  • 11.08.2022
  • GillEdwards
  • Clinical-negligence, Opinion
  • Clinical negligence Stillbirth birth injury maternity care neonatal brain injury
The increase in the stillbirth rate in England and Wales for a further year running is concerning, particularly when considered in the context of the problems in maternity care generally. The stillbirth rate is seen as a measure of the safety of maternity services and the World Health Organisation states that “the majority of stillbirths could be prevented with quality and respectful care during childbirth."   Read the rest of this post...
Delay in treating a cancerous tumour leaves woman with two years to live
After several appointments for a mammogram were cancelled, a woman now has fast-growing stage-four breast cancer and has experienced delays throughout her treatment. Read the rest of this post...
Only 16 hotels in the UK are fully accessible for disabled people
Hotels are lacking disabled access with are only 16 in the whole of the UK that are fully accessible, according to campaigners. Disabled guests have been forced to spend the night sleeping in their wheelchairs or unable to go to the toilet due to a lack of a ceiling hoist. Read the rest of this post...
Travelling when disabled: the worry and difficulties faced for each journey
  • 03.08.2022
  • EmmaArnold
  • Personal-injury, Opinion
  • accessibility public transport wheelchair-user transport for all
A disabled writer has highlighted the issues she, and the other women featured in her article, face every time they make a journey on public transport when using a wheelchair. Read the rest of this post...
Better assessing of head injuries needed during football matches
The issue regarding the concussion protocols seems to be constantly mis-handled by the football authorities when it comes to elite level sport. The risk is where you have a player who has a second concussive or sub-concussive injury when his brain is still recovering from the first injury. This can result in severe or fatal brain injuries. It is for this reason that concussion protocols exist in all sports.  Read the rest of this post...
Extension of 'return-to-play' protocol after concussion in rugby
The Rugby Football League (RFL) has agreed to extend the protocol regarding concussion in the sport. Players who fail concussion tests during matches or training will not be permitted to play again for at least 11 days; which is up from seven. Read the rest of this post...
Women are currently invited to a routine smear test every three years from the age of 25 but Cervical Screening Wales are to extend this to five years. Read the rest of this post...

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