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Clinical Negligence Case Studies

Potter Rees Dolan has acted successfully on behalf of many clients. The case studies detailed show the type of work we do and the service we provide to clients.

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Pat fell and hit her head but was prescribed migraine medication. After a seizure a few days later, it was found she had a bleed on the brain and is now wheelchair-dependant
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If Adam had been referred to the specialist eye hospital at the earliest possible stage, then his eyesight would not have deteriorated in the way that it did due to the prescribed eye drops which aggravated the irritation of the corneas of both eyes, causing additional problems for him.
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Hospital staff failed to recognise and properly interpret the signs of distress in the baby and the delays led to the baby being born with cerebral palsy.
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Medical staff failed to recognise the serious deterioration in a mother’s condition after a caesarean section and did not act accordingly to save her life.
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Jeremy was three years old when he suffered a seizure and the ambulance were too long to arrive and so he was left with a brain injury
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