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Clinical Negligence Case Studies

Potter Rees Dolan has acted successfully on behalf of many clients. The case studies detailed show the type of work we do and the service we provide to clients.

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Janet was originally diagnosed with Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) was then told she has compartment syndrome. She then endured an above knee amputation and has received over £1 million in compensation
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Jade became pregnant with non-identical twins through IVF treatment and the pregnancy was uncomplicated but, at around 34 weeks, Jade experienced an unprovoked vaginal bleed.
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The delay in a CT scan at the hospital resulted in severe brain damage and partial paralysis of a man who was attacked.​
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​Elderly woman misdiagnosed with muscle strain actually had blood clot on her spinal cord. The delay in diagnosis resulted in her permanent paralysis.
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GP misread a woman's lumbar puncture results causing a delay in diagnosis of encephalitis resulting in memory and behaviour issues.​
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