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Placental Abruptions Claims

Placental abruptions if not properly managed can have a devastating impact on you and your family. You may be left with many questions about why mistakes were made by doctors and other medical professionals, or need help with care and support. That’s where Potter Rees Dolan can help.

Our team of expert clinical negligence solicitors is here to help you make a claim for the compensation you deserve. Compensation can help with care for your injured child or provide you with professional support if you have lost your baby. We’re known for handling sensitive cases with the utmost care.

Our highly regarded clinical negligence team is led by Helen Dolan, Lesley Herbertson and Gill Edwards, who all feature in the prestigious Legal 500 and Chambers 2017 guides. One of our guiding principles is to personalise our service for every single person we work with and put our clients first.

We’re here for you, and we’re ready to help you get the support your need. Call our sensitive and caring team on 0800 027 2557. Alternatively, fill out the contact form on this page, and a solicitor will get back to you at a time more suitable for you.

We have a proven track record of recovering substantial awards for placental abruption claims:

What is a placental abruption?

Placental abruption is where the placenta comes away from the inner wall of the uterus (womb) before your child is born. In the vast majority of cases, the placenta comes away at the edge of the uterus, which causes a very small amount of bleeding. However, in some exceptional cases, significant bleeding can occur. This can result in the placenta being partially or completely separated from the lining of the womb.

Placental abruption can be a serious condition for both mother and child. For the child, abruption can deprive the baby of essential oxygen and nutrients, which could result in brain injuries or death. For the mother, larger bleeds can put her life at risk

Causes of placental abruptions

it is not clear why some expectant mothers may have a placental abruption. However, there are some known factors that may increase the risk:

  • Pre-eclampsia
  • Placental abruption in a previous pregnancy
  • Caesarean section in a previous pregnancy
  • Two or more concurrent miscarriages
  • Excessive amniotic fluid
  • High blood pressure
  • Trauma to the abdomen
  • Smoking, drinking alcohol or taking drugs
  • Forty years and over, as the risk increases with age

Clinical negligence

You may have been a victim of clinical negligence if mistakes made by healthcare professionals have caused them to miss or incorrectly manage a placental abruption. Some examples of negligence involving a placental abruption include:

  • Failure to diagnose placental abruption
  • Delaying, or failing to perform, a caesarean section when one is needed
  • Failure to carefully monitor an early pregnancy if placental abruption is suspected

Possible complications of placental abruption

It is imperative to receive treatment swiftly if you suffer from a placental abruption. Delays in treatment can cause complications for both mother and child and, in some cases, delays can have fatal consequences. Examples of complications include:

  • Excessive blood loss, leading to shock, collapse and injury
  • Closed cervix, leading to emergency caesarean section
  • Brain damage to the newborn child, including cerebral palsy
  • Emergency hysterectomy
  • Death of mother and/or child.

How we can help

Potter Rees Dolan’s clinical negligence team has earned its reputation as one of the very best in the UK. Boasting a combined experience in serious injury law of over 60 years and comprehensive medical insight, the team has an unwavering dedication to help families recover the compensation they deserve.

About Helen Dolan, head of the department, Chambers 2017 says: “A source describes Helen Dolan as ‘formidable in her knowledge of the law and medicine,’ adding: ‘She's one of the best clinical negligence solicitors in Manchester.’”

Chambers 2017 says: Lesley Herbertson “plays a crucial role in many of the firm’s diverse clinical negligence cases. A commentator highlights her “understanding of cases and the way she moves cases forward," while another interviewee adds: “She is an extremely bright lawyer who is lovely with clients and keen to put them at ease”.”

Gill Edwards is described as being “well regarded for work on catastrophic injury in both adults and children. Her background as a registered general nurse aids her in issues of medical negligence. One source notes that ‘she is really lovely with clients, very thorough, and has a warm personality.’”

Our clients tell us that it is the empathy and care with which we act that sets us apart. We specialise in serious and catastrophic injuries, so we know how difficult it can be to live with severe disability. It is our aim, therefore, to make the claim process as stress-free as possible for you and your family.


Most clinical negligence cases are funded on the basis of a “no win, no fee” agreement, otherwise known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. We can investigate your potential claim and you will not have to pay us a penny if your case is not successful. We will explain how a Conditional Fee Agreement works at our very first meeting.

You may already have a legal expense insurance policy. In the first instance, we’ll always start by investigating whether you can use the same policy for your case, before we consider whether a Conditional Fee Agreement is more appropriate.

What happens next?

First, we will discuss your circumstances in detail and help you understand whether or not you have a case. If you do, we will help you gather all of the necessary evidence to build a strong case. We do this to make sure that we give you the best chance of success and to recover the right amount of compensation.

Your medical records are our first point of call - we will obtain them and go through them with you in depth. We will then instruct independent experts to advise whether or not you or your family member has received substandard treatment.

Once we have positive expert evidence in support of your claim, we will start court proceedings. We will progress the claim as quickly as possible, whilst always exploring opportunities to adequately settle the case early if we can.

Where possible, we also work towards obtaining early interim awards. For those that have suffered through the devastating impact placental abruptions can have, interim awards can help with a lifetime of care for a child, care for the mother while she recovers from serious injury or funds to help improve access around the home as the child grows.

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